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Type 2-T1 (Split windows) M-PLATES decoding


Type 2-T1 1959-1967 (MPlate)


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M-Plate content

Model *** Unknown ***
Chassis number 4122905
Serial number 244122905
Model year *** unknown ***
Planned production date March 17 ,
Type of engine Type 1 - 1131cc, 18 kW (24 bph DIN)
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color Color upper part :
Color lower part :
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) 05 - *** Unknown ***
Destination Thailand
List of option codes (M-Codes) 114 130 164 196 240 382

Known M-Codes

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
114 6 popout side windows
130 Microbus Deluxe without sunroof and roof windows Deluxe

164 Sliding door - Deluxe, 1960's 241,244

164 Front blinkers
196 Asymmetric headlamps for RHD
240 Engine with dished pistons (low compression) for low octane fuel - Engine Code 'L'
382 North American equipment. Includes 6 popouts
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