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Type 2-T3 (Transporter) from 1980 M-STICKERS decoding


Type 2-T3 1979-1992 (MSticker)

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M-Plate content

Model Type 2 (T3) mod. 256 :
- Caravelle
- Cargo door left
Chassis number WV2zzz25 z LG033676
Serial number 033 676
Model year 1990
Planned production date Monday, 20 November 1989
Number for production planning
 (temporary serial number)
Type of engine MV - Wattercooled Flat 4 - 2109cc Digifant injection, 70 kW (95 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission 6P - Manual 4-speed gearbox whith lockable differential (for Syncro model)
Paint color
LH1B -  Bamboo Yellow
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) QR - Saïga leatherette grid upholstery / Black dashboard
Destination *** unknown ***
List of option codes (M-Codes) 478 561 608 912 984 992 AH1 ETK FS1

Known M-Codes

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
478 Spare holder under cab upgraded to 205R14 wheel Syncro

561 Vents wings in cab doors
608 Australian equipment for cars with water cooled engine Australia

912 Without constructor plate (special vehicles such as municipal vehicles, etc.)
984 Carat model H3 / H4 rectangular headlights for petrol engines

Unknowns M-Codes

AH1 ETK FS1 992
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